PhD Positions – Universität Potsdam – Biophysics and Molecular Biology

17/10/2018 - Salvatore Chiantia

3 PhD positions are available at the Potsdam University.

Research group of Prof. Salvatore Chiantia.

  1. Characterization of Influenza virus assembly in living cells via quantitative fluorescence microscopy.
    Deadline 31.10.2018
  2.  Synthetic cell fusion to investigate the molecular mechanisms of sexual reproduction.
    Deadline early 2019
  3. Molecular Dynamics of Influenza M1 multimerization during membrane binding.
    Deadline early 2019

Please contact chiantia (at) for questions and applications.

Tipologia: Lavoro

Paese: Germania

SSD: 02 - Scienze fisiche, 05 - Scienze biologiche