Enel Open Innovability Challenge | Technologies for renewable generation

23/01/2019 - Enel

Challenge Expiration Date: ALWAYS OPEN


Improvement of existing technologies, integration of renewable power in anthropized environments and use of new renewable resources.


Enel has a remarkable record in production and usage of renewable energy: solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass compose a wide spectrum of technologies currently in use.

The challenge focuses on:

– increasing power plants energy availability, also by mixing two or more generational technologies (in hybrid plants) and combining them with electrochemical energy storage systems

– integrating renewable energy in anthropized environments through the adoption of small scale, low visual impact machinery, such as advanced wind generators, small-scale thermodynamic solar power systems and specific architectural integration solutions

– experimenting with renewable energy sources currently not included in Enel’s generation fleet, such as marine energy.

Your ideas can help us improve and enhance our renewable power generation performances: we look forward to hear all about it!

Tipologia: Challenge prize

Fonte: https://openinnovability.enel.com/projects/technologies-for-renewable-generation

Paese: Italia, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgio, Brasile, Canada, Cile, Cina, Corea del Sud, Danimarca, Egitto, Finlandia, Francia, Germania, Giappone, Gran Bretagna, India, Israele, Lituania, Messico, Norvegia, Paesi Bassi, Repubblica Ceca, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spagna, Sudafrica, Svezia, Svizzera, Stati Uniti d′America, Vietnam

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