Enel Open Innovability Challenge | Energy Storage Systems: technologies to minimize costs & maximize profitability

23/01/2019 - Enel

Challenge Expiration Date: ALWAYS OPEN

Reward: Collaboration & testing agreement


We are looking for new technologiesarchitectures and control strategies to lower energy storage costs and to improve the way our Energy Storage assets are built, operated and maintained, in order to maximize their profitability.


Energy Storage Systems and their related technologies are a very broad topics ranging from chemistry to data science. We are looking for new storage technologies, architectures and control strategies to minimize energy storage costs and to improve the way our Energy Storage assets are built, operated and maintained, in order to maximize their profitability.
We are targeting all the energy storage uses and all technologies suitable for the electricity sector: integration with fossil and renewable power plants, use as stand-alone asset for grid support, integration with commercial, industrial and residential customers behind their meter, integration in minigrid for remote areas, vehicle to grid applications.

We are particularly interested in the innovation areas outlined below:

  • Next Gen Storage: new technologies and architectures to achieve energy storage system cost < 100$/kWh
  • Advanced tools to optimize BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems)sizing by simulating actual degradation in relation to the defined use
  • New BESS designs in:
    • Mobile BESS concepts for the relocation of BESS capacity where it is needed the most. Innovative approach to security and fast deployment and roll-in / roll out of the BESS solution.
    • Fire-fighting and suppression systems – at BESS design level (via sectioning) and at chemistry level.
    • PCS design with significant over-load capacity maximizing system reliability, but decreasing the overall system costs. Methodology and matrix for optimum PCS design to match maximum reliability / minimum costs.
    • Rapid maintenance systems – tools and methods and approach to deign to execute rapid, hot maintenance and replacement of the broken modules / racks / PCS modules.
    • To reduce footprint of BESS plants by stacking container solutions, while keeping safety and fire regulations of different geographical areas.
  •  Energy storage system diagnostics: solutions to enable real-time state-of-health monitoring for lithium-based energy storage system as well as predictive diagnostics
  • Advanced BESS control systems to enable:
    • better use of batteries in terms of lifetime and degradation;
    • provision of stacked services to the energy and service markets;
    • coordinated control of a set of BESS located in the same plant or in nearby plants;
    • immediate plug-and-play integration of new battery modules within existing operation BESS in case of need to refill battery capacity
    • PCS control architectures to emulate inertia, being able to react to a transient sub frequency event in a small isolated grid with very low inertia. New solutions to traditional f meter to react faster than 100ms.
    • an optimal synergic use of an hybrid system based on different type of storage technologies (i.e. brand new and second life batteries modules, battery system and supercapacitor system; integration of electrochemical and kinetics systems, etc);
    • different combination of array configurations (also foreseen series and parallel configuration modification during the design phase of the system);
  •  Long term and seasonal storage technologies: hydrogen, flow batteries, other options to enable low cost long-term storage
  • New bidding and forecasting techniques for markets where storage is already allowed for energy and services in front of the meter.
  • End-of-life management and circular economy: processes that guarantee sustainable end-of-life management of batteries and avoidance of rare raw materials.
  • Li-ion cathode and anode chemistry evolution: new materials and evolutions of existing ones.

If you think you have an interesting proposal that could bring value exploitation for Enel as a utility, the time to propose it is now.

We do believe that energy storage will be part of our future energy and we are willing to explore and pioneer the best options to be integrated in our value chain.

Tipologia: Challenge prize

Fonte: https://openinnovability.enel.com/projects/energy-storage-systems

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